At CSE, We Put Safety FIRST!

At CSE, we put Safety First! Ensuring that our employees, customers and all around us go home safely is our biggest priority.

In a September 2016 article, “Struck-by incidents in the construction industry: Know the risks.” the Safety and Health Magazine stated that,

“Construction sites are busy and full of potential dangers. One of these dangers is struck-by incidents. In 2013, more than 17,100 construction workers were injured – and 84 workers died in struck-by incidents, according to the 2016 edition of the chartbook “Injury Facts,” produced by the National Safety Council.

Construction workers are most often struck by heavy equipment and vehicles, falling or flying objects, and masonry or concrete walls under construction, OSHA states.

To prevent these injuries, OSHA offers a number of tips, including:

• Always wear a seat belt when operating equipment.
• Drive slowly and follow all safe operating procedures.
• Don’t operate vehicles or equipment if you can’t see behind you while backing up. In these situations, make sure the vehicle or equipment has a reverse alarm that other workers can hear, as well as another worker to signal that all is clear before moving.
• Inspect all vehicles and equipment before work begins. Be sure brakes are in good condition, and chock all vehicle wheels when not in use or parked on an incline.
• Wear proper personal protective equipment, including high-visibility vests. “

CSE, Inc., has created an Excellence in Safety Program, which holds our employees accountable through a culture-based and comprehensive plan. When proper safety controls are in place, our team can work swiftly and with ease—allowing them to complete projects safely and efficiently.

Special thanks to our Safety Manager, Malcolm Miller who does an amazing job at keeping us safe and informed!…/14682-struck-by-in…



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